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You've probably heard about byteball if not, here's a short intro.
Byteball is built using "DAG" short for directed acyclic graph, no blocks, no miners and no high energy consumption. Byteball got smart contracts but not the hackable ethereum style of contracts.

Smart Contracts.

Human readable and understandable type of contracts. Anyone can put them to good use, no technical knowledge required.

Which is huge.

Byteball has been on the market since dec. 25 2016
(currently trading at bittrex& others) and reached good highs in the bull market of 2017.

Distribution of the 1 mil. gbytes as in gigabytes, which is the max supply of the byteball currency, is still ongoing. Currently there are a few distribution methods available.

One of the distribution methods available is by identifying ones identity, securely and privately on byteball using ONLY the wallet and as a reward you'll receive over 100 megabytes.
Verification is done by Jumio trusted by millions of people and used by big companies like AirBNB, Coinbase, EasyJet and many more...

No leaks of info.

Info that is publicly seen:


    user_id: IeSKxlp846HhR+q7uJ3LVbqkZTXPmP8ujb3HiU0W4RI=

    profile_hash: zH9aWn6oXgYmugVaw7spdqmwdSUaILEL8PEecpJ/KP8=

Nothing else!

Currently there's over 20,000 people who have done the attestation which you can see in realtime here:

Follow the steps below on how to use the voucher code to enjoy a 100% discount on the Jumio verification fee.
More & More Companies Require You To Complete "AML/KYC" To Be Able To Do Business With Them.
But why attest?

Whenever anything has to do with money, you'll have to go through a "AML/KYC" procedure.

Imagine all the companies you've dealt with over the years and will be dealing with in future.

Your documents are prone to misuse as no server is hack-proof.

Thats why Byteball made this attestation feature. Your info stays secure and private.

Welcome to the future.
The Real Question Is;
Do You Want Controle Over Your Documents?
Official Byteball Wallets
Choose your platform.
It is important that you leave the single address option as is!
You can always create more wallets with multi addresses.
Keep In Mind, Your Privacy Is A Top Priority.
After installing the byteball wallet.

Click on Chat.
Bots On Byteball Is Simply Chat Bots, Nothing more!
Click Bot Store

Real Name Attestation bot

Click it to open the bot and start the process.
No Image Is Captured By Byteball. No Image Is Saved On byteball.
Jumio Trusted By Millions Handles The Verification!
To insert address,
press the 3 dotted button.

Click "Insert My Address" & click send.
If You Do Not Have Latin Letters ID
This WILL Not Work!
Press "private" here.
You Must Be 18 & Have Goverment Issued ID.
Driverlicense Or Similar To Receive The Reward!
Due to many failed attempts & many lost $$$ on this, we've changed the flow of how we hand out RNA voucher codes.

To receive the code, you must chat with a telegram bot, to prove that you are able to take a clear & readable picture.
Click the button to continue.
Javascript Is Blocked By Browser!
Turn Javascript On!!
Now you'll need to sign the message given.

Click the "blue text to sign".
Click "SIGN" to confirm.
When Taking Pictures Of ID & Face,
Good Light Is Required & The Letters MUST Be Clear & Readable!
Click "send".
Remember If Not Done Currectly
The Voucher WIll Lose ($8) On Every Try.
Complete this within 30 mins.
Now you can start the jumio verification.

Press the "blue link" to start.
If Verification Fails Voucher WIll Lose $8 On Every Try.
You Have Only 1 Try!
Jumio's webpage, have your ID ready!
After finishing the verification, you can safely close the browser and return to the wallet.
You'll want to save the data to your wallet.

To do that simply click the blue text "profile of..."
Here you can see which info about you gets stored on the wallet.

Click "STORE" to save it.
You must make a full backup to stay safe.

Press "HOME" tab at the bottom.

Then the "burger menu" at the top left.
Press "SETTINGS" at the bottom.
Scroll down to BACKUPS.

Press "Full Backup".
Set password 2 times

Click "EXPORT".

The backup is saved in the byteball folder.

Click "Back" top left.

Then "Close", to home screen.
You'll see your reward in a smart contract which you'll be able to spend after 12 months.

That's it.

Share this page with your family and friends, they'll love you for it.

New Byteball Distribution a weekly airdrop draw.

To participate simply follow this guide for the byteball weekly airdrop draw.
Welcome to Byteball.

You can join byteball's telegram, slack and newsletter to stay up to date on everything byteball.
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